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Birthdate:Nov 22, 1986
Location:Ohio, United States of America

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arashi, boys ♥ boys, changmin's team-building one-touch, chun/the world, chunface, d'awww yoseob, dans boîte en carton, david hewlett, dbsk, dbsk/food, diet coke, disgruntled bl novelists, doctor who, doramas, english-major ≠ education-major, eu kyang kyang, faulkner the dandy, firefly, greeeen, ikuta toma, in dom's gob, jaechunsu holla~, jaejoong'n'yoochun bff party, jared mountain dnw, joe flanigan, jonghyun's bone structure, kim jaewook, kiss/ski, man-robots, matsumoto jun, merlin, micky yoochuuuuuun, mizushima hiro, never mind the buzzcocks, new york-new york, ninjas being ninja-y, oguri shun, omnislashing, park yoochun, pyc is pimp, sga aus, shakespeare trumps chaucer, simon amstell, sirius-black-is-a-rockstar, siriusly sexualized lilies, stargate atlantis, that english stuff, the boosh, the it crowd, the libertines, the strokes, the theory-of-porno oh no, the winchesters, thigh holsters on thighs, torchwood, tvxq, ur a wizard 'arry, video games, watching golden girls, wishful city living, world of warcraft-pewpew, yoochun's cheeks, yoochun's throat/collar bone region, yoomin is ♥, yoosu, yoseob ♥ dojoon, yunchun, ~*soulmates*~, チャンミン, ユチョン, 東方神起, 동방신기, 박유천
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